Worlds Cyclocross, Louisville KY

Cyclocross is HUGE in Europe, but you’d be hard pressed to find too many people in the USA that have even heard of it.  That minority of cyclist that do know cyclocross are typically crazy obsessed by it.  So, having the best in world racing on domestic soil for the first time ever was event that couldn’t be missed.  Chris and I travelled to Louisville, KY armed with our iPhones (we took over the Bicycling instagram feed), a Leica and the Canon’s to document the two days of racing.  Well, two days of racing turned into one due to potential flooding of the course because of the swollen Ohio river. It was one crazy incredible day of shooting.  Weather couldn’t have been better and the racing was amazing to boot.  Check out our collection of images from our “real” cameras on our site under WORK.  To see our iPhone only images check out Bicycling and our instagram feeds!