Motofish at Rainier and Backhanded Compliments.

A couple of weeks ago a few of us latched on to Mr. Staycation’s Rainier ride and decided to play hooky for the day.  We all piled into one car: 5 guys, 5 bikes, 7 gear bags, and enough food for two Wednesdays and headed south.  Along the way we learned the fate of some dogs somewhere in China (bad) and consequently that Dennis’ Facebook page had not been hijacked.  The ride then began under sunny skies and perfect temps.  As we crested into the parking lot after hammering the last two miles up Sunrise the youngest guy in the group said (to the guy who pulled him most of the way up) “I hope I’m as fast as you are when I am your age.”.  Back to work and reality on Thursday.

the five of us roll out and begin the day – armwarmers came off almost immediately

through the trees and into some stellar views


typically, after you go up you have to go down and the descent down Sunrise is 12 miles of fun

back to the car for some lunch and then up to Cayuse